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Inside The Darkness Novel - E-Book

Inside The Darkness Novel - E-Book

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While delivering medical supplies to an Earth colony, Colonel Jessa Masters faces a catastrophic attack: her spacecraft explodes, leaving her gravely injured. Her wounds are so severe that they threaten to end both her military and investigative careers.

Why would someone on the planet want her dead? Were they afraid she might uncover their secret—the secret hidden in the black box marked with the Intergalactic Intelligence Bureau insignia that she and her partner Nate discovered on the planet? As Jessa struggles to recover, the investigation into the explosion reveals a shocking discovery: the fingerprints on the wreckage belong to one of her trusted friends.

Determined to prove her friend's innocence, Jessa embarks on a relentless quest for the truth. What she unravels is a mystery so deep and perilous that it threatens to shake her world to its core—literally. Can Jessa uncover the real mastermind behind the attack before it's too late? Or will the dark secrets she unearths bring about her ultimate downfall?

In this heart-pounding ninth installement of the Jaguar & Peacock Series, join Colonel Jessa Masters as she navigates a web of betrayal, secrets, and dangerous truths that could change everything she knows.

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