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Annagail Lynes

Annagail Lynes is a writer, acrylic pour painting artist, a certified pharmacy technician and a life coach.  She is the author of the Jaguar and Peacock series, including the first novel, Goodbye, Ben, the recently released Secrets, Lies And Betrayal, and the upcoming The Twin Effect.   Annagail Lynes has also written a series in the same universe focusing on SpaceBase LVN, starting with The Last Chance Station. Her books are available through Amazon.  Annagail Lynes lives in Chandler, Arizona. 
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Colonel Jordana "Dani" Kassidy and her Chief Surgeon Jacob "Jake" Riley have been assigned to the Freedom Alliance's first Mobile Alliance Surgical Hospital StarVessel.  Dani and Jake have not seen each other in ten years, being forced to get reacquainted while battling an epidemic at the frontline of the Freedom-Alliance-Crimson Fleet war.  Dani and Jake must cure it before it kills any more people.